About Us

THE BRODERIÉ – handmade pieces with a story to tell            

For those of you who appreciate natural comfort and elegance, The Broderié is a haven for handmade things - for your home, for you and for little people. Passionate about the superior quality of natural fabrics - linen, cotton, wool, alpaca and down we source each unique item with love and care.

Inspired by visits to Turkey, a country full of traditions, I fell in love with the handmade pieces seen in many homes. During a trip to the Uludağ Mountains, I visited a memorable old house with cold stone floors covered with traditional handmade woolen rugs. Beautiful linen curtains with a delicate crochet trim hung from the windows and an exquisite linen tablecloth with floral embroidery draped over an old wooden table. The atmosphere resonated in me – I felt happy.

As a child, my mother instilled in me a love for elegant handmade things. Her ability to turn everything she touched into something very special, was an early foundation for The Broderié. I know she would be proud..

Natalia Kacar